Radiation protection today – success, problems, recommendations for the future

The «Club of the Philosophers» of the German-Swiss Association for Radiation Protection: Rolf Michel, Bernd Lorenz, Hansruedi Völkle

During the last years, manifold concerns have been raised regarding the actual status of radiation protection. The concerns apply likewise to scientific and technical aspects of the regulations and their implementation and – in particular – to the perception of radioactivity, radiation, and radiation protection by society. The German-Swiss Association for Radiation Protection (Fachverband für Strahlenschutz, FS for short) has therefore established a working group, the «Club of Philosophers», to discuss questions of principle of radiation protection and to develop recommendations for its future development.

The results of the discussions of the working group are presented as a paper (English version) with four chapters:

1.  Summary of the recommendations for the future development of radiation protection.

2.  The history of radiation protection – a road to more safety

     A historical review with consequences for the representation of radiation protection.

3.  The natural radiation and its associated risk – a benchmark for radiation protection

      The natural radiation exposure limits optimisation downwards.

4.  The discomfort of the practitioners of radiation protection: recommendations for the future

      From the problems to the proposal of solutions and to the recommendations.

A German version of this paper was given to the members of the FS for consultation and the predominantly positive responses were considered in the final German version. A slightly shortened German version of the paper will be published in issue 4/2018 of the FS journal StrahlenschutzPraxis. The board of the FS has declared the paper a position of the FS.
contact person: michel@irs.uni-hannover.de



Radiation protection today – success, problems, recommendations for the future

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